Lorraine Chesin

Statement from the Artist

The basic form and structure of the work comes through study, exploration, critiques, looking at wonderful artists and a degree in Art from Skidmore College.
The color, space and subject matter comes from a joy of life and the pleasure being of a certain age and of having time to now experiment. Since retiring after many years as a serious Social Worker, I have returned to my first love of art. Making art again has given me the opportunity to put my life experiences into forms and color and thereby to celebrate the fruits of my labor both from my professional work and from my personal journey.
The artwork which has come from a lifetime of introspection and endurance is intended to convey a freedom to express pain and joy. It is also intended to inspire the viewer to wonder about the images and to indulge themselves in reverie of what the images elicit from their own life experience.
I hope you will enjoy the acrylic paintings, mixed media small stories and the needlepoint designs that have sprung to life from personal stories and objects found through the pleasure of looking.


Copyright © Lorraine Chesin. All rights reserved.